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Can Humans control Rain?

Many of you must be wondering how can human control rain? The answer to this is, yes. Humans can control the rain. To explain this I would like to take a real-life scenario into account.

The Summer Olympics 2008

The Summer Olympics were to be held in Beijing, China. This was the first time that the Olympics were held in China, so to make it auspicious they spent 40 billion Dollar ($ 40000000000) to construct new stadiums, renovate the city, etc. But a few days before the Opening of the Olympics the meteorological department of China told the Chinese Government the forecast of thunderstorms.

The stadium in which the opening was to be held was open. The thunderstorm was a matter of worry. But they thought of an idea. Before the clouds could reach Beijing they made an artificial rain by the process of Cloud seeding in the cities around Beijing. This prevented the thunderstorm. Many of you must be confused by the term 'Cloud Seeding'. Let me explain it to you.

How is rain formed

Before explaining to you the process of Cloud Seeding I would like to explain to you how rain is formed. For the formation of rain, the most important role is played by the sun. The Sun heats up oceans and the evaporated water goes up. While going up, the water cools down and forms the shape of the clouds.

Now the clouds with the purest form of water get mixed up with the dust particle and get heavy due to which rain is caused.

Cloud Seeding

Cloud Seeding is the process of making artificial rain. This process was founded in 1946 by American Scientist Vincent Schaefer. In this process, a compound named silver chloride is sprayed over the clouds.

This silver chloride combines the water particles to make them heavier so that rain can be formed. In a country like Dubai, there is an acute water shortage. In this country, the rain hardly comes 10 times a year. In this country, they use the technique of Cloud Seeding.

This technique has helped many nations.

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