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Debunking Tech Myths; Exposed

I have been into technology for a long time. While writing blogs, it is must that i share with you some tech myths which are wrong and people still follow them.

While reading you will be :

Learning in Present; Getting ready for Future

So here we start:

1) More Bars Means More Mobile Network


Showing full bars but no network is possible. These signals show the strength of your signal receiving to your phone. If there are many people connected to same network source, then probably you are going to face network issue while you get a strong signal.

2) Refresh button speeds up Windows

Refresh button has a completely different job. It is supposed to fix errors and glitches, not to speed up the PC.

The Refresh button simply re-paints all the icons on your desktop or explorer window and updates them to the latest changes. In normal usage, this feature does nothing useful.

However, the feature still is there even in Windows 10 because sometimes due to glitches some changes may not update in your view even though the changes are applied. So, the Refresh button simply updates icons to the recent changes.

Instead refresh button slows down your PC.

Here are some recordings showing the same:

3) Using Phone while Charging Explodes

Phones have very less tendency to explode. Explosion only happens while using a faulty charger or there is problem with manufacturer's side. People usually advise us for precautions but the worst majority of the mobiles can do is heat up due to over usage.

4) Turning off Wifi and Bluetooth will save Battery