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Do you see fake water on the road ahead on hot days: Magic or Logic

Today, I wanna answer a question that may be troubling you for years. That is, why do you see water on hot days on road ahead of you. However, when you come closer it vanishes. This acts as a mirage.

To clear it, there is science involved in this phenomenon. This is where the concept of refraction (refraction, not reflection) comes into play. We all know light travels in straight path. However, it bends due to change in medium. This bending of light beams is known as refraction. To experience this, take a pencil in a transparent glass filled partially by water. Now when you see it from the top, it seems broken.

Similarly, on hot sunny days, the sun rays when beamed on roads make them hotter. Thereby making the air just above the road hotter and less dense. Now when the rays of light touches the road, it bends (due to change in medium: rarer to denser). Finally the refracted rays comes to our eyes. Then these rays trace the path back and interpret the road as the origin and location of sky.

However, brain doesn't reccount that sky is their on ground. Because that doesn't makes sense. So, they perceive that there is water on the road. Consequently, turbulence in the air strengthens this effect making the fake water look real

Therefore, you feel this magical. But now after reading this you are one step higher towards gaining knowledge.

Thanks for reading.

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