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Eiffel Tower gains height in summer and loses in winter; Why?

Eiffel Tower, one of the big constructions of the past, is ranked 32nd among the tallest towers in the world. When it was inaugurated for the Paris World's Fair on March 31, 1889, the Eiffel Tower, originally called "The 300-meter Tower," had a total height of 312 meters. Today after many years it has continued to grow by construction of antennas to 324 meters. One of the most interesting fact about this legendary tower is that it changes height according to weather.


The Concept of becoming taller in summers is based on natural physical phenomenon 'Thermal Expansion'. Eiffel Tower was made completely with puddled iron. Now what is Puddled Iron ? "The cast iron produced in blast furnaces by reducing iron ore is then refined by an operation called puddling, which removes the excess carbon still present in the cast iron" So, Puddled Iron is sensitive to temperature and hence expands in summer due to thermal expansion. However, the increase in height is only 6 inches that the increase is merely visible


Then when the winter arrives the iron contracts, and it again loses some inches. However it is completely safe to go there. It doesn't have impact on robustness of structure. The engineers with over 20 years experience have truly designed the tower with it's edges and shapes that it minimizes wind resistance.

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