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Part 1 | Career Counselling | Overview.

Updated: May 31, 2021

Many students (even parents) are distressed because they don't get the guidance for career choices and stream selection, when needed. They have a visionless and foggy picture of future.

And, when they start understanding, it is unfortunately too late.

However I am starting this Career Counselling series to guide you right from high school (that is from class 9) to selecting your university.

So are you excited; begin now!

For most students of class 9th and 10th, visions of their career path are restricted to their childhood dreams.

"I want to become doctor/ Lawyer/ engineer....."

Or, many decide this on the basis of marks.

"High Scorer : Science"

"Average Scorer: Commerce"

"Getting less marks: Arts"

This trend has been followed for years but now there is a need to put a full stop on this.

I have experienced these four years recently and I believe, my guidance will help everyone in need.

First and foremost thing, I want to brought up to you is that the right time to decide your stream and dream career is 9th grade. 9th and 10th grade are important for analyzing yourself and your interest. You need to spend time on co-curricular activities apart from studying your school books.

The main goal after your 12 is to get into a top university. Right?

In the recent years, Universities' focus is on student overall development. They look at the application holistically.

Holistic Approach means where a student is accessed on his performance on and off classes. Doing a great job in academics is one thing and there are other which matter a lot.

For example, Someone applied to university for engineering course (Specifically robotics). Although he should be a good academic scorer but apart from this he can do following things :

"Like working on a robotic project.

working at NGO

Joining clubs related to ur field

and even teaching something which you are good at is highly beneficial to you. "

So, there is lot more to do than only studying and completing your home work daily. These two years (9th and 10th) is the exact time to analyze and choose your streams, interested subjects for 11 and 12th grade.

I have only given you the spark to think and widen your horizon, in this blogpost.

In the coming blog, you will be told about:

- What to do in 9th and 10th grade.

- Choosing streams for 11th and 12th and options available

- University selection in India and overseas and many more...


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