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Head to Toe of 5G: A superpower

First of all a quick intro about what is 3G, 4G, or the upcoming 5G. They are wireless communication system which uses radio frequencies to carry information through the air.

Now talking about 5G!

What makes it different from 3G and 4G?

Quick Stats for ur knowledge :) First Nation to adopt 5G: South Korea (in 2019)

Largest supplier of resources used in making it: Samsung

There are mixed views in relation to this; some are in favor and some are against it.

5G will be easier and quicker to navigate the internet. Buffering will now be a talk of the past where speed is everything. Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which recently took birth will rise. It's simply getting online resources within u blink ur eyes.

However many people have shown disapproval for it?

To start off, 5G uses higher frequencies to travel 10 times faster than 4G. Unlike other networks, 5G sends information so quickly that it may become an issue for carrying it long distances because of being blocked by physical objects. This network can only be feasible for short distances. Therefore more towers are required which inturns occupy more land and will also have an economic impact; making it costlier. This will also overcrowd the areas, just like the wind turbines.

Secondly, 5G will also drain and heat a lot of battery. This could be a risk to human life. With the advent of 5G, consumers sharing and consuming network will increase the risk of cybersecurity and privacy

While clubbing together both the arguments, my opinion would be that this advancement should only be considered where necessary. While looking at its harmful aftermaths on the biosphere, this should be used by top authorities where it is urgently required.

Thanks for reading.

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