In 5 minutes, Learn to write professional emails quicker and nicer!

Writing a formal email to someone is a daunting task. You might end up hours writing big email and yet remain unsatisfied. Don't worry!. I am here to solve your issue. I will give you suggestions and numerous ways to write a concise and a pro email :)

So Let's Begin:

1) Subject Line :

Keep it very short. It is explaining your entire email in 3-4 words. I suggest you to fill up the subject area at the end. Firstly take out time to analyze what your email is exactly telling.

For example

Writing an email for:

Completing a task


Asking for more time:


Thanking someone:

Subject: THANK YOU FOR (------)

Any Query


Any Changes in meeting


The only thing you need to remember that the subject should match completely with your body paragraph.

2) Salutations

Now here,

When writing to someone you know professionally use:

Dear Tom,

Hi Peter,

Hello Harry,

When you only know the name of person, however you are writing to him/her first time, use:

Dear Mr./Mrs. (Last Name), For eg. Dear Mr. Weasley,

Dear Mr./Mrs. (First Name), For eg. Dear Mr. Ron,

Dear First Name Last Name, For eg. Dear Ron Weasley,

When you don't know the person's gender, use:

Dear First Name Last Name, For eg. Dear Donald Trump,

When you don't know the name at all, use their designation:

Dear Human Resource Manager,

Dear Director,

Dear Recruiting Team,

ALERT! : Use comma after salutation.

3) Body Paragraphs:

When writing for first time, use:

Two body paragraph:

One to introduce you. It should be completed within 2-3 lines max.

Second one to explain your subject of the email. It should also be as concise as it can be.

When writing a follow up email or replying to the other person response (that is the third email in a row), use:

Only single paragraph (includes thank you email etc.). No need of introduction.

Do understand, these emails are meant to give another person the exact information which is required (no more, no less)

4) Avoid Exclamation and Slang

As you are writing a formal email, there shouldn't be any slang used like (Ur, ah, oh!,)

For example,

Instead of this :

Me and my staff is solving it for third time, still no results. I'm sick of it!. Think of it, Sir. (This is informal and somehow rude!)

Use this:

My department has dealt with this problem on numerous occasions. Our employees are being stressed out. I sincerely urge you to please have a look into this matter.

5) Closing and signature.

Before your name and designation at the end, you have to give closing.

Use these suggested one:

1) Sincerely (commonly used, yet the most appropriate)

2) Warm Regards (used since ages, but works well)

3) Cheers! (new, but use it accordingly)

4) When writing a reply to some question or query asked, you may also use

Hope it helps, (in closing)

5) Be well, Stay Safe and Best luck (teacher writing to a student)

Now I will be giving few complete formal email examples on the following topics:

1) Thank you Email.

Subject line — Task Completed

“ Dear Sir/ "Boss Full Name"

The task you assigned to me [task title] [task description] was completed on [date].

(Include some information about your task)

Please let me know if you have any questions or would like further information, otherwise, no response is needed.

Thanks,/ Sincerely,

[Your name]”

2) Admit an error or mistake

Subject line — Issues with [area], actions being taken to resolve.

“[Name of boss],

Unfortunately, I have not been able to complete [name of task], [description of task] to the [time, quality, speed etc.] agreed. The reasons for this are [list reasons]. I have taken steps to fix this issue and stop it happening again, including [list steps you are taking].

I expect the task to now be completed by [date]. I apologize for not being able to complete this task as expected and will make sure I avoid issues like this in future.

Please let me know if you have any questions or need further information.


[Your name]”

3) Queries or support required from an unknown company

Subject line — Information Needed about (Topic only)

“Dear Human Resource Officer of (Company Name)

I have certain queries regarding your curriculum (A basic detail). I Tried founding out on the website, however was unable to get the information which I required.