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Is Time Travel Possible?

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Yes, we can Time Travel for second and to your surprise we are already time traveling. But If you think going years back in time, then it's impossible. To make you understand I would like to take an example, we time travel between our birthday, that means we are traveling at the exact speed of time:1 second per second.


But also there is a way to travel slower or faster than the speed of time. If I say that we have already had a look back in time,i know you won't believe. But the NASA telescope shows us back in time. The stars are far-far away from us so the light takes a lot of time to reach the Earth. So the telescope shows the position of stars that they were in many years ago.

I know many of you won't believe me, but I have two more proofs. Many years ago a scientist name Albert Einstein laid down the Theory of Relativity, he proved that the space and time are inter connected and also stated that the faster we travel the slower we experience time. He proved that E=mc^2.

Later on the scientist did an experiment where in they took two clocks and set them to same time. One was left on the ground while the other was kept in an aeroplane and made two fly undisturbed. when they were compared the clock in the aeroplane was a bit behind in time than the clock left on ground,this means that the clock on the aeroplane was a bit slower than the time:1 second per second.

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