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New Variant found in Singapore hitting Children; Could be the third wave in India

The Singapore Government announced new variant, which was first found in India. The ministry of education warns children and shuts off all schools. The government has been tightening restrictions following a recent rise in local transmissions after months of near-zero cases.

"Some of these mutations are much more virulent and they seem to attack the younger children," Education Minister Chan Chun Sing said at the news conference. Chan Chun also added that till now no child has been seriously ill, but will make stricter rules to curb down this strain. The government is "working out the plans" to vaccinate students under the age of 16, Chan said in a Facebook post.

Following this news, many ministers in India, including Arvind Kejriwal expressed their concerns over suspection of 3rd wave affecting children. However, unlike 2nd wave, government authorities have shown alert to minimize it.

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