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No Gravity on these Hills. Check Why?

By reading the Title you must have thought this is not possible. But let me clear it to you that Anti-Gravity hills exist. Before telling to the concept behind Anti- Gravity hill, let me tell you as to how we can recognize an Anti- Gravity hill. There are three experiments namely -

(1) Walk Downhill

When you will walk downhill in an Anti- Gravity hill you will observe that it is difficult. To add over, when you walk uphill you will observe it is very easy.

(2) Put a Car on Neutral and turn it Off

Now when you put the car on neutral and turn it off you will observe that the car is moving uphill while in normal world it move down hill.

(3) Roll a Ball

While in an Anti- Gravity hill you can roll a ball and observe that it also starts moving uphill like the car does.

Now you all must be surprised by reading all this. this is all an mirage. This means that in an Anti- Gravity hill the uphill appears to be downhill and visa- versa. To find the theory the scientist held an magnetic test and discovered the most important factor that supports this mirage is a completely obstructed horizon.Now the meaning of Horizon is that part of environment that helps us to differentiate between the level of ground or you can say the difference between uphill and down hill.

So when you are walking downhill in an Anti- Gravity hill that means you are walking uphill and visa- versa. To rap up all these thing there in such king of Anti- Gravity hill but due to lack of horizon it seems like one. The Anti- Gravity hill is all an Illusion. I hope you have understood this concept.

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