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Part 1: Guide to start robotics for mere beginners; Arduino

Many of the children are fascinated by robotics but don't know where to start. The answer is simple 'at your home'. You may want to build something which is autonomous or works from your mobile phones, and I am here to guide you to start this at a very low budget and with only reading these guides

Making something completely autonomous or remote control requires micro-controllers like Arduino or raspberry pi. These devices are the key element to make a rover. I am going to stick to one microcontroller and that is ARDUINO.


Arduino has its own coding language where you code this device according to your needs and it will then give commands to physical devices like servo motors, led's to work accordingly. With the Arduino, you can design and build devices that can interact with your surroundings. The Arduino boards are basically a tool for controlling electronics. They are able to read inputs with their onboard microcontroller (eg. Light on a sensor, an object near a sensor) and turn it into an output (Drive a motor, ring an alarm, turning on an LED, display information on an LCD). However, to do this, you will first have to program the Arduino board. How do you program the Arduino board? You use a software application called Arduino IDE (integrated development environment). With Arduino, makers, and electricians can easily prototype their products and make their ideas come to life.

What can you do with Arduino :

Robotic Arm


Phone controlled Rover


and many more. Don't worry it is easy and interesting ;) Will carry on in the next blog talking about other components in detail.

In the upcoming blogs, you will know more in detail about

Arduino Board

Arduino Sensors

Arduino ADE (Programming Software)

and also some cool projects making guides

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