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Part 3- Career Counselling | Guide for Stream Selection in 11th.

Well, after reading previous two blog posts, you might be clear that you should build or know your interested field within grade 9th and 10th.

Now in this, we shall discuss about the options available and few important suggestions which you should consider while deciding in your case.

So for all the upcoming batches, there is a good news for all those entering 11th grade. In fact two good news for "some":


1) Now you will be able to choose your subjects which you like and you are strong at.

It's just like picking up a strong combination or pattern of subjects from wide subjects and putting into your cart.

For instance, that while in junior grades you aim for becoming a data scientist. Also, you know that for becoming a data scientist, you would opt for computer science in university. So, it would be preferable to choose subjects as follows.

Mathematics, Physics, English(Compulsory), Computer science (New Field) and Artificial Intelligence.

You might be wondering where is chemistry gone, So that is what new curriculum involves. You just need to study which is carried along and needed by you for life.

Similarly when you aim for becoming a doctor you don't need physics for that.

However one language is compulsory either English, Hindi, French, Punjabi or .. as it was before.

Now I want you to have a look at this Curriculum released by CBSE! It would help you to choose subjects wisely :

This is the page which will guide you step wise to choose your subjects from the PDF given below.
Download PDF • 227KB

ALERT : Do remember that this hasn't been completely accepted. So prior to this, if you have any dream university, you should look at their requirements once. However mostly will agree.

2) Second news is good for many but sad for some. It's on you!

C.G.P.A. system is back

This means, there will be A1, A2, B1 and all but not % anymore. However, there is change in this system for class 12th.

The page which has been attached below clearly mentions that the top 1/8th of total student will get A1 grade for a particular subject. So, by applying maths, out of 10 lakhs (approx.) students only top 125000 students will achieve A1 grade.

This is somehow different from what we had few years back; where a student getting between 90-100 gets A1 grade. So this is a big variation for 12 grade.

However for 11 class, it will be based on marks as explained below.

Now a few recommendations to considered strongly!

1) Must take Mathematics (Pro Tip!)

Mathematics has become so essential that this is used in all three fields (Non-Med, Commerce, Arts). Specifically, while considering abroad as an option of further studies, it has become mandatory to take mathmatics. Even higher preference in Medical field is given to those who have mathematics subject in higher studies.

2) Don&#