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The Man Who Owns The Moon

Now you all must be surprised to read this. But let me clear it to you that this is a reality.

This Man who live in the United States namely Chris Lamar is the owner of the whole Moon.

That means that he own 200000000 acres of land on Moon. Another shock for you that he spent not more than 0 Dollar to buy the Moon.

The History

Chris Lamar lives in United States of America wanted to buy the real estates but on Earth it is way more expensive. Once while looking at the Moon he thought of an idea that he can buy the real estate on the Moon.

According to the Outer Space Act 1967 the planets of the solar system cannot be owned by any Government. But there was no mention of the individual. So. Chris took advantage of this and wrote a letter to the United Nation telling them that the Moon is his. Since there was no reply he considered this to be approved.

Selling the Land on Moon

After this he started selling land on the Moon. He has been doing this since 41 years.

Now you must be wondering that how will be know where is the land and you also must be thinking that it must be expensive.

Chris has done all the study and he has a website where he sells the land of Moon in which he give us the exact coordinates of our land and as far as the price concerned he has made it as cheap as possible, it costs around 25- 500 dollars. They not only sell land on moon but they also sell land on the Mercury and Venus.

The Two Scenarios

Now there are two scenarios for this case. If the United Nations Accept this the the owners and Chris would become billionaires. But if the United Nation does not accept this then this would all become a waste.

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