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Water Journey Of The United Arab Emirates

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

In a country like The United Arab Emirates, there is an acute water shortage. Here they have only one source of water that is ocean water. As you know that ocean water is unfit for drinking as it is too salty. Due to its saltiness, it may even lead to death. Now the question that arises is, how does a country which is home to millions of people arrange water?

The United Arab Emirates is made entirely on dry sand because of which their groundwater is also salty. Now moving on to their arrangements, the first step that they did was collecting water from their only source of water that is ocean water and purify it. They have set up many industries that specialised in only one thing, which is purifying salt water.

The process used in purifying the water is called Desalination. In this process, the minerals and the saline water are separated to make the water clean. The below picture shows us that how the ocean water is filtered. The salty water is put into a separating funnel that does not allow the salt to go through it. There are many steps involved in this but this is the primary step.

Many of you won't believe that the second source of water for The Emirate is rain. but this seems impossible because it rains less than 10 times a year. So they artificially generate rain. This means that they can literally generate rain. Through the process of cloud seeding, they spray silver iodide on the clouds so that the small water molecules can combine and drop as the rain. To know more about cloud seeding read my previous blog

But how do they use rain or rather artificial rain as a source of water? They have built many big dams that store water and filter it, so that there are no impurities left and then supplied to the people.

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