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Part-2 | Career Counselling | 9th and 10th Grade.

Updated: May 31, 2021

"Taking a Gap Year after 12" is something which has become common in everyone's case. But let me tell you, this will not be in your case :)
Also Regret of choosing wrong stream in 11th and 12th will also not be in your case.

Read till the end to actually know that there is lot more to do in these classes than only studying and mastering your subjects.

So let's Begin

You should from now make it very clear that your career's foundation begins in class 9th and it's a four years long process in building it.

We are going to discuss in brief about two things here:

1) Self Analyzing your interest

2) Strongly Recommended things to inbuilt in Yourself (Must Read)


Many recommend giving this "psychometric test" for career selection.

This is the test where you get questions about your interest and choices and they advise you a stream for 11th and 12th grade. I have my self gone through this process by spending money. But the only thing I recommend is that don't opt it. I actually gave two test with different companies and received opposite advise. One said "Science" another "Commerce".

The reason being the test analyze you for that particular hour whereas you yourself have spend your whole life knowing yourself more than anyone else.

To give an example, If there is a field of hobbies and interest in this test. Let's suppose you like robotics (making rover and all that things) but you are actually very weak in mathematics subject. And this test result (which are generally automated) will most probably suggest you to take science with math.

Your family will be happy to know about this elite recommendation initially. Even you will doubt yourself, that you are actually good in mathematics. However it is depressing for your whole (11th and 12th) and the career following it.

The only thing which is important is to guide you with the fields, courses available and many more things. Rest decision should stand in your way because you are the one who will carry this decision for life.

What to do in these two years (Class 9 and 10)?

I have seen people resting in (9th and 10th) and then regretting in 11th and 12th that they didn't involve themselves in other things than only studying.

The recommendations that I am going to tell you will benefit you in two ways.

- It will help you choose your career

- Build a strong profile(CV)

Almost all universities have now changed their focus from only marks to looking at someone's application holistically. This means that becoming a topper in your class will not guarantee you admission but they will look at overall development and personality of person.

So here we start :

1) Join Hobby Clubs :

Join Art and Craft, music, learn to play guitar, improve typing skills. May be it can become a professional career.

2) NGO's :

Non- Government Organization; these are made for the welfare of needy and poor by giving them donations in some kind. It can also be related cleanliness. You could join them. They are mostly available in every area you live in. Apart from this, of you like you could make it on may be social awareness and sanitation in your area. It's a very good start :)

3) MUN (Model United Nation) and Debates :

Model United Nations is replica of united nations where students participating in it represent themselves as delegates of a country and they discuss on these topics They come up with solutions and many debates occur between them. It's very interesting. It improves your speaking skills and most importantly confidence.

4) Coding:

Coding platforms have increased their horizons to the next level. Every next ad on Facebook or TV talks about it. This has increased because coding is going to be the most important asset for future. The value of this is going to rise in future. I am not saying that you have to do it but these are things which you should try and later on if you are interested carry on with this.

5) Sports :

Playing Sports for state or nation makes huge difference in making your application looks that you have a wide variety of experience whether it's on or off classroom. If you are capable of this, then it's icing on the cake.